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by K.H. Ivywater

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Count D/Leon Orcot
khi_word wrote in khi_ficrecs
The following is an incomplete list of my favorite Count D/Leon Orcot fan fiction. The ratings I give are based on a bunch of nearly arbitrary mumbo-jumbo, so feel free to ignore them. If it's on this list, it's worth reading.

I attempt to give basic information here: content rating, word count, timeline, summary, favorite quote, etc. I also try to warn you if a story contains an established relationship (because I personally dislike most established-relationship fic).


Parallels by K.H. Ivywater
--- R. <10k words. Set after volume 10. Leon has left a lot of things unsaid in the past. But he isn't a little boy anymore; he's chasing airships instead of cars. So this time he'll say what he needs to say, but the question is: will D listen?


The hand leaves, or tries to, but Leon captures his wrist, the same way he has so many times before.

"Please stop fucking with me." The words are desperate and raw, but he can't take this, can't take D acting like this if he's just gonna change again.


Beauty by Nym
--- 5 stars. NC-17. ~5k words. Leon finds D, at last, but he doesn't find what he expects.

"I paid a fucking deposit on this place, you know. It ain't much, but you can quit sprouting all over."

D's head moves on the pillow, the honeysuckle rustling.

Dangerous by Telanu
--- 4 stars. PG-13. <10k words. Set before volume 10. It is unwise to meddle in Count D's affairs. Especially if you meddle with Leon Orcot.

"Oh, hello, Detective," D said, sounding surprised. "My -- this is unexpected. It has been several days since we have seen you here at the shop. I hope nothing is amiss?"

"Yeah, I'll tell you what's amiss," Leon snapped, and took another chug of beer. "And it's likely to be several more days until you see me, unless you tell your badass boyfriend to get off my case." He sneered, even though D couldn’t see it. Shame. Felt like a good sneer.

Distant by jmtorres
--- 4 stars. R. ~8k words. D's grandfather has sent him away. Perfect dialogue and humor.

A kraken, my dear detective? In the first place, one would have to be very desperate to eat a man, as almost all sea creatures dislike eating mammals. It gives them indigestion. (Except the cetaceans, of course.)

Unwilling Sleep by Telanu
--- 3 stars. NC-17. >100k words. Set after volume 10. D has made a choice, but does he understand what he's chosen? And can he and Leon deal with it?

And as the long dark night closes around me, I suddenly realize two great truths.

Firstly: it does not matter that I do not understand how to love a human, for I am doing exactly that, and have been for some time, and there need be no understanding involved.

Secondly: this is entirely unacceptable. All of this.

Time passes differently here. On my ship, surrounded by my animals, my pets, my lesser loves, it has been scarcely an hour since I pushed him away. Below, back in his world, weeks have passed. Perhaps months. Already. If I wait but another hour or two, it will be years. And then decades.

My grandfather will soon be coming to check on the ship.

And then I am running.

Decision by Telanu
--- 3 stars. NC-17. <50k words. Set before volume 10. Leon Orcot knows what he wants -- but does he know what he's getting?

"So what the hell do you mean, you're both? That's the only way it can happen, you know. Have you been snorting that incense or something? I knew that shit was bad news -- "

"There is nothing wrong with my shop's incense," D said through gritted teeth, "and as it happens, Detective, I am that thing in which you refused to believe when visiting Mr. Jordi's laboratory. I am that medical miracle you declared impossible. And I have always been this way, as have several members of my family, and allow me to say, before you do indeed run screaming for the door, that you are much the greater fool for missing out on it. It is quite an experience, one that doubtlessly you will be too narrow-minded to appreciate, and what on EARTH are you doing, Detective?!"

Damnation by Telanu
--- 3 stars. PG-13. <10k words. Set before volume 10. Sandman crossover. The pet shop sells desire -- what happens when Desire comes to the pet shop?

"You open that door in the back, you let your customer stand there, and the proper animal comes when you call. It's like a justice vending-machine. I adore it. I simply must give it a try for myself." The Great One stubbed out its cigarette on the brocade sofa, leaving a small, perfectly round burn on the rich red fabric. Then it turned on its heel and squarely faced the front door of the shop, hands resting on slender hips. "So," it breathed. "Let's see what kind of pet comes when I call."

D knew what was about to happen. It didn't stop him from being horrified when, at that exact moment, the door swung open to admit Detective Leon Orcot.

Dragon Ex Machina by kashuneko
Chapters: Prologue - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15
--- 2 stars. NC-17. <50k words. Set after volume 10. After D leaves, Leon is miserable and D tries to bury himself in his work. Hon Lon decides something needs to change.

D had it right.

D would have given him a fucking crocodile or something that looked like a boy and the second that guy tried to rape it, it would have eaten him. God damn it. If only D were still here.


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